Mr. Lam Mui Sang
Deputy Chairman
Mr. Lam obtained his MBA from the Asia International Open University (Macau) and a Diploma in Chinese Law from the University of East Asia. Thus with his western training and varied experience, he will be able to help AAK to expand its business and identify new opportunities. His extensive contacts at senior level with the Chinese government will enable AAK to better manage and penetrate the Chinese markets as well as directing AAK’s subsidiaries or associates in conducting their business in China.

Mr. Manuel Sin
Independent Non Executive Director
Mr. Sin obtained Master of Engineering Management, Graduate Diploma of Banking and Finance and Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia. He is a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Environmentalist and Member of Society of Operations Engineers (SOE) in UK, Member of the Institution of Engineers in Australia, Registered Practicing Engineer of Lands, Public Works & Transport Bureau Macau (DSSOPT) and Council Member of the Macau Institution of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (AEEMM). He is also Microsoft Certified System Engineer, System Administrator and Database Administrator.

Mr. Sin was a contracted engineer of Wallis Drilling Pty. Ltd., in Western Australia, involved in site operation and project development, design and implementation of mining equipment. He has 15 years of experience in oil and gas industry, mining and exploration, electromechanical engineering and information technology services. And is currently a responsible engineer for a multi-million international oil and gas infrastructure projects.

Mr. Sin had obtained many multi-national degrees, with his western training and valuable experience he will be able to help AAK to expand its business and identify new opportunities. His extensive contacts in Australia and international communities will also enable AAK to better diversify its business into the Australia and global market.

Mr. Koh Chee Choong

Executive Director

Mr. Koh Chee Choong is the  founder of the Fulda Group of Companies in Malaysia. To the local investing community, Mr. Koh is a familiar household name. He has successfully built his business in just a short span of four years!

CEO of Fulda International Sdn. Bhd

CEO of Fulda (Malaysia) Bhd

CEO and Vice Chairman of CTM Cosmo Pte Ltd

CMO & Strategic Advisor of Fadamas Resources

Kohs definition of success is not just forcused on sales numbers but also on his ability to professional help young people become successful and elevate their standard of living. This ultimately, is the belief that continues to drive him in excelling at his job.

Ms. Wong Wai Fun


Ms. Wong Wai Fun has accumulated over 20 years of management and secretarial experience in Chinese and various countries in the world. She is also familiar with business and operations.

Secretary of C. G. Top Ten Investment Corporations in U.S.A.

Secretary of Ambassador International Holding Inc in U.S.A.

Secretary of Ambassador The Republic of The Gambia

Division Manager of Guinea-Bissau Economic and Resources International Development Group Limited

Partner of Sino Path (Macau) Group Limited

Manager of Shenzhen Liu Zhu Bo Enterprises Management Co. Ltd

She is the Gerneral Manager (operations) of Shenzhen Liu Zhu Bo Enterprises Management Co. Ltd.

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