Australia China Holdings Ltd (“AAK”) was listed on ASX Industry Main Board on 9th June 1995 and was delisted on 21st March 2017.
AAK has always had faith in the business potential in China and its nearby region.  Thus since its inception AAK has most of its operation in China and Hong Kong.
Land Holding & Agriculture Business
Australia China Development Limited (“ACD”) a fully owned subsidiary of the Company through its 100% subsidiary, Eco-Agriculture Group Limited (“Eco”) entered into an agreement to purchase 2,133 hectares (32,000mu) of farming land in Inner Mongolia. The Company was unsuccessful in obtaining the transfer of the land through a Chinese registered Joint Venture (“JV”) over many years. In order to rectify this matter on 17 July, 2017 the Company entered into a Share Transfer Agreement with Treasureland Inner Mongolia Limited to transfer its 100% shareholding in Eco-Agriculture Group Limited to Treasureland Inner-Mongolia Limited in return for its 100% shareholding in Longin International Limited (“Longin”). This transaction was approved by Shareholders at the EGM held on 30 August 2017. Longin holds 66.67% of a registered Chinese registered JV, which in turn holds 3,420 hectares (51,300mu), which comprises two parcels of land one of 1,167 hectares ((17,500 mu) and the second being 2,253 hectares (33,800 mu). As a result of this the size of the Company’s holding, of farmland in Inner Mongolia, has effectively increased to 2,280 hectares (34,202mu). As part of the Company’s strategy it recognises that it could sell one of the parcels of land which will also assist in the development of the remaining parcel as well as provide extra working capital. However, this will take some time to complete. The land is currently vacant and the Company intends to use part of the proceeds of this issue to develop the land for the cultivation of commercial crops, such as Peony for the production of Peony seed oil. Currently the annual consumption of edible oils in China is about 32,000,000 tons, with 70% being imported. As the most populated country, China is always emphasising on its agricultural development and self-sufficiency of food and edible oil supply. The Company has made investments in various industries and businesses including building materials, resources, power and energy saving, high-tech products and properties. The Company and its subsidiaries continue to operate in various corporate and servicing areas, having made investments into environmentally friendly products such as energy saving lighting and power transformers. Through a subsidiary, the Company has been involved in food and health products distribution, trading and e-commerce businesses. The Company will continue to look for good business opportunities and investment projects. We will also continue to make use of our experience and knowledge, our business contacts and networks, to contribute to the economic growth and development of the region and in return improve our revenue and profits for all of our shareholders.
Investment, Trading & Consultancy Business
AAK has invested in energy saving business and in building material projects.  AAK also market
power saving and energy efficiency related products including ecological friendly cast resin transformer [Dry Type], pre-fabricated house or wooden furniture,

AAK has provided business and management consultancy services for Chinese Companies to go global and for foreign companies to enter the China or Hong Kong markets.

China has presented huge business opportunities for investors over the past decade with an annual growth of over 8%. With the recent economic turmoil in Europe and in US, China has been able to weathered this out very well. AAK should be able to fully utilize its connections and positions to provide shareholders and investors with satisfactory performance. 

Corporate Goals
To advance shareholders value and to safeguard our environment
This is achieved by actively taking up environmentally friendly businesses.
AAK has been only involved in green projects and in resources saving projects. 


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